A world-class, multi-disciplined engineering team working for you

Our design & construction experience takes the risk out of your project
With our in-house expertise and experience we can provide a complete turnkey package starting from geotechnical studies and site layout all of the way through construction and final commissioning.

Trusted design and engineering
We provide a complete set of engineering design drawings and documentation necessary to construct the system (3-D model drawings are also available upon request.) Operation and maintenance manuals are provided to maintain the system. A full list of standard documentation is available here.

Experienced project management team
Clients achieve certainty of success with our experienced and dedicated project leaders. By taking a hands-on approach, we optimize our talented team to lead a successful project.

After-market solutions and maintenance
Our team of highly-trained experts can help guide you to the safest and most efficient operation of your complete system. We provide a list of maintenance procedures for your operators and are available to assist in training, optimization and parts supply to ensure that you will maximize the life-cycle of your product.

Experienced in-house, on-site construction crews, trained under the manufacturer’s highest of standard construction methods.