Affordable solutions for every budget

We offer steel storage silos designed and manufactured for your specific application and industry. We’ll supply all the components needed to deliver a complete and reliable system.


  • Factory coated bolted steel silos
  • Factory coated welded silos
  • Designed for seismic, snow, wind and product density
  • Capacities in excess of 150,000 ft3 (4,250 m3)
  • Diameters from 9 ft to 47.5 ft (2.75 m to 14.5 m)
  • Explosion proof venting available

Fill & Transfer Systems:

  • Pressure and vacuum conveying equipment
  • Fill station controls with hi-level alarm
  • Truck, railcar and vacuum unload
  • Railcar to truck transfer systems
  • Mechanical Conveying (belt conveyors, screw conveyors, bucket elevators)

Fill and Transfer Station Controls:

  • Local HMI operator panels
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Local (PLC) or Remote (DCS/SCADA) controls
  • Motor Starters and MCCs
  • Local Operator Stations

Withdrawal Systems:

  • Bin activators
  • Aeration rings
  • Air slides
  • Impactors
  • Reclaimers