Dry Bulk Storage

The right bulk storage system starts with the right design

We share your passion for providing top quality systems on time and on budget, and we also recognize the importance of providing the necessary design information and documentation along the way.

Our in-house professional engineering team designs the system to match your needs. We typically start with data gathering through meetings, discussions, and site assessments. From General Arrangements and P&ID’s down to logic diagrams and instrument data sheets, we can provide a complete set of project documents for a turnkey solution. Each of the industries we work in have their own unique requirements, from basic outlines to complex models rendered in 3D. We understand that each customer within each industry has their own unique preferences and requirements.

Just as we will work with you to develop a system that best meets your needs, we will also work to develop a documentation package to best meet your requirements. Whether this is the first dry chemical package you have designed or specified, or one of dozens, we can help - we do as little or as much you need.

We have extensive experience installing systems in a wide range of industries including:

Cement and Fly Ash

Our experience is varied among the above mentioned industry sectors, and includes the development of all types of concrete from roller compacted concrete to self-consolidating concrete. As concrete production never allows for total repeatability due to the utilization of accepted variations, the science of formulas allowing for conventional specifications is best adhered to with the assistance of far-reaching design criteria and ongoing quality assurance, ensuring performance as seen in workability, pump ability, place ability, and strength.

Frac Sand /Trans load Systems

STT can provide flexible engineering, procurement, and construction of frac sand, resin-coated sand proppant or ceramic proppant plants utilizing our own equipment manufacturer and a nationwide network of steel fabrication services to minimize shipping costs.

We can provide both wet and dry frac sand drying and screening plants designed to provide a product gradation that will meet API specifications. We can provide a design and installation that optimizes the performance of each component, while maximizing product mix, yield, and flexibility. Our designs focus on ease of maintenance, dust control, and high percent uptime.

We provide trans-loading facilities at both production plants and at basin destinations to rapidly and safely load and unload rail cars while controlling nuisance dust emissions created during the transfers. STT designs and manufactures its own line of dry particulate collectors for process and nuisance dust control at mineral processing plants, foundries, cement plants and mines. With recent changes in OSHA regulations regarding respirable silica, upgrades and additions to plant air pollution control (APC) components will become essential for all of these industries.


The automation of plastics processes such as plastics extrusion, compounding and resin manufacturing can be accomplished with pneumatic conveying, feeders and related bulk material handling equipment. With a deep history of conveying, STT can help with your material handling systems for transporting powder and granular bulk materials from rail car unloading to storing and dust collection systems, conveying to feeding, blending, scaling, and sifting operations and integration with drying systems.


As agricultural demands continue to increase so too does the need for farmers to use fertilizer that increases their crop yield. To keep up with the demand, STT can designs and builds fertilizer production plants with systems in place that work start to finish to mix raw materials, agglomerate them, and manufacture them into usable fertilizer ready to be loaded onto trucks for distribution.

We design and deliver material handling and processing facilities for fertilizer and petrochemical operations including potash, phosphate, urea, trona, soda ash, petroleum coke, tar and oil sands, and asphalt and emulsions. We provide unloading, loading, conveying, storage and reclaim, screening, crushing, and compaction, and flotation, thickening, filtration, and pumping.

Food Processing/Pet Food

STT has years of experience in developing equipment and designing complete systems for food process applications. We have developed feeding and material handling systems for a wide variety of food processes including but not limited too, bread and cake mixes, pasta, snack food, cereal, pet food and more.

STT designs has the right team to help design, engineer, procure and construct to meet the rigid requirements of the industry, including cGMP standards (current Good Manufacture Practices) as well as the use of FDA approved/certified materials of construction. All units are designed specifically with cleaning requirements, ease of disassembly and maintenance, and required containment levels in mind. STT experienced technical engineers are available to discuss your process requirements in detail and recommend specific design options to optimize your process, both in feed accuracy as well as process quality.

The ability to provide expert solutions to this wide range of industries derives from a team of experts who have spent many years designing and installing plants, which are custom tailored to fit the individual needs of each client.


Working for a client in an industry that wasn’t listed? And still looking for an experienced system supplier? We can help you. We have the dedicated engineering capability to manage the dry reagent system details so your team can look after the important stuff.

We share the same goals as you - delivery on time, and on budget. In order to get there we need to work through the important details and provide your engineers with all of the information they require. Whatever the chemical is that you are handling we’ve probably done a few of them. We’ve delivered over a thousand different dry bulk chemical reagent systems.